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[edit] Active Reloads

When reloading any weapon in either Gears of War games, a thin, rectangular bar emerges in the top-right of your HUD to display the progress towards reload completion. While the majority of this bar is blacked out, there is a small grey block somewhat in between, with an even smaller white area separating this. While you can completely ignore this and just wait for the reload to finish, you are also given the option to attempt to interrupt this progress by clicking the reload button once again. The most probable area, the black bar, results in a jamming of the gun, extended the period you would typically have to wait. Landing it in the grey area, however, causes an instant reload. Even better yet, if you time it well enough to hit the white selection not only does it instantly reload, but you are also given increased weapon damage for a short period of time. The use of Active Reloading becomes easier over the time and thus becomes an essential part of multiplayer.

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