Clay Carmine

Clay Carmine, crushing a Locust with his own bare hand

Clayton "Clay" Carmine is one of the four children of the Carmine family. His appearance as a Carmine is very different when compared to Anthony Carmine and Benjamin Carmine. He has a considerably muscular build, he much resembles a bit more standardized, and COG-like version of Cole and a lessed inked version of Tai, he does however decorate his armor as well as himself, he has a tattoo imprinted on his right arm of his two deceased brothers (Anthony and Benjamin; so far no other word on the other surviving Carmine Madison, as well as information on whether or not he/she is going to be making an appearance in Gears 3, or whether or not he/she is a Carmine brother or sister to Anthony, Benjamin, and Clay) and under the image of Anthony and Ben's helmets he has the words "Born To Saw" written underneath, no doubt an Effigy to his brothers decorated his armor with various tips such as "Keep Your Head Down", "Stick to cover", and "Practice Reloading". He also bears a trade marked logo on his chest plate stating that he is without a doubt a "GRUB KILLER".He's got more of a Blood-lust than his two younger siblings which can be displayed by his always carrying a "Mulcher" minigun.The Decision of whether or not Clay will join his brothers is in the hands of the Gears Of War fans they can vote to either "Save Carmine" or "Carmine Must Die" by going to the Xbox Live Marketplace and Get the avatar shirts stating the options. It has now been revealed by finishing the campaign of Gears of war 3 the Clayton survives the game though having a few near death experiences.

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