Dominic Santiago

Domic Santiago

Affiliations C.O.G.
Rank Corporal
Unit Delta Squad
Gender Male
Date of Birth 19 years before E-Day 35yrs old in gears 3
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 6 ft
Weight 240 lbs
Voice Actor Carlos Ferro

Dominic (also known as Dom in short), is Marcus Fenix's best friend. The two grew a relationship between each other after Dom's brother past away.

Dom is a commando in the COG, with a very broad knowledge with combat because of his years' experience. This particular soldier was Marcus' savior in helping him escape the prison block, he also saved Marcus when he was on trial; Dominic testifies to help get out of execution although he was still found guilty and put to jail. He remains by Fenix's side and as his companion throughout the game. He's remarked upon as the guy you want by your side when shit hits the fan and acts as a valuable asset to the squads progression throughout the game.

Dom's right arm reminiscence of a tattoo of his wife, Maria

In the first Gears of War game, we are made aware that Dom is in a relationship with a woman called Maria, as signified by the tattoo on his arm, she plays a greater role in the second installment of Gears of War when early on in a game cutscene Anya Stroud indicates she had intel on Dom's wife, whom she referred to as a Jane Doe.

Throughout the game, Dominic becomes agitated in the search for his wife. When he finally finds her, he is devastated at the sight. She was severely tortured and insentient, in which Dominic decided it was best for her to die by his own revolver. Recently, Dominic is shown with more facial hair and has displayed the attribute of welcoming death in Gear's of War 3 debut trailer. This may be a sign of sorrow and dismay from the lost of his family.

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