Gears of War 2 Maps

Template:Header This page is dedicated to the multiplayer maps that will be available in the Gears of War sequel, Gears of War 2.


[edit] Blood Drive

This is a map with the following weapons located in various areas. Ink grenades, frag grenades, scorcher flamethrower, longshot, torque bow, boltok pistol, and gorgon pistols. It is good for 3-5 players. The map itself is symmetrical and players can spawn on either side, regardless or not if there are enemies on that location or not. This can be used as an advantage while playing Guardian, but also a disadvantage. Blood Drive is a hospital and is quite a small map it has a staircase on either side and upstairs there are two rooms that are quite large, there are 5 weapon spawns in this map area in total.

[edit] Gridlock

The newly redesigned Gridlock available in Gears of War 2

The popular multiplayer map that debuted in Gears of War will be available for multiplayer mode in Gears of War 2. The Gears 2 version of the map is easily distinguishable from the one in the first game as it has been modified using the latest version of the Unreal Engine 3. The default weapon spawns will most likely remain the same from the first game. The map is more narrow than the one in Gears of War. There are sniper rifles at the top, Frag Grenages in the middle and Grenade launchers at the bottom.

[edit] River

The name of the map itself, has a river between both symmetrical sides. There's a Torque Bow in the upper level and a sniper tower.

[edit] Security

There's a vast amount of lasers guarding weapons (Scorcher) and pathways. This map is very narrow and long and could be a very good use for strategy tactics.

[edit] Day 1

It seems to be that this map is very similar to the Raven Down map, from Gears of War. In the middle of the map, there's a large hole where a Seeder emerges and cause a mild earthquake scenery. The map itself is pretty large, containing a small portion of a upper level that can be reach with the stairs.

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