Gears of War Maps


This page is dedicated to providing brief descriptions of each map available in multiplayer, as well as the weapons and their locations on each map.


[edit] Bullet Marsh

Bullet marsh.jpg

In this Kryll-infested swamp, an old generator still sustains the power for the lights in the area. Knocking it out with stray bullets can surround some players in darkness, leading to their possible death. Bullet Marsh is probably the best sniping map, as there is a lot of darkened areas to hide your presence. Plus, you have a good vantage point on players using the lower ground to move about. When trying to get the boomshot, it is always smart to move in groups as it is easy to get ambushed and downed by lancer fire. Just remember to stay in the light and keep moving to avoid sniper fire.

  • Longshot(2) - One surrounded by sandbags at the apex of each spawn’s hill.
  • Boomshot(1) - One at the centre of the map inside the building.
  • Torque Bow(1) - Surrounded by sandbags on a mound near to the generator.
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) in the hallway by the boomshot and another near to the Torque Bow.
  • Smoke Grenade (1) - One single grenade nearby to the Boomshot, in the same room.

[edit] Canals


Waterways within the city, the canals have been ravaged by the raging war between the Locust and Cog, leaving piles of debris all over the map. The most common strategy for teams is to send one man after the sniper, while dispersing the rest of their squad towards the middle bridge to grab the torque bow. Flanking from the higher ground to the side is usually a strong decision, as you can surprise unsuspecting opponents.

  • Torque Bow(1) - One under the center bridge.
  • Boltok(1) - One in the pillow-sack bunker at the bottom of the stairs leading up onto the center bridge.
  • Grenades(1) - One (pair) on the center bridge.
  • Longshot(2) - One on each of the bridges near the spawn points.

[edit] Clocktower


A run down section of the city, with the clock at the sections highest location not functional due to constant skirmishes around it. You have two options on this map; Either take the low road and engage in close-quarters combat amongst broke down cars, or head up to the courtyard and the prized sniper location. Trying to grab the boomshot off to the side is usually your best bet, as it is often forgotten about while in combat. Under the balcony where the nades reside is also the best hiding spot when outnumbered as it gives you a jump on enemies.

  • Longshot(1) - One in the courtyard at the top of the stairs
  • Boomshot(1) - One inside the truck opposite sniper location
  • Hammerburst(1) - One next to the sniper in sandbags
  • Boltok(2) - One near each spawn point
  • Grenades(1) - One (pair) under the balcony downstairs

[edit] Escalation


The courtyard at the front of the Fenix mansion, this can be a fairly one-sided map. The top location near the mansion provides a good vantage point, but the bottom section allows you access to sniper rifles and grenades right off the bat. A good strategy is to either toss nades up at the enemy to get them out of hiding, or try to tag them with snipers hanging back. When up top, attempt to flank the enemy, but try to move in pairs, or just wait for their approach. The rain effects can also hinder your view of objects at times, but is awesome to play in.

  • Longshot(2) - One on each side of the fountain
  • Grenades(4) - Two (pair) directly past the sniper rifles. Another pair is in the middle of the map, with the last pair of nades being found nearly the bottom level spawn in the right-side cove.
  • Hammerburst(2) - One near the mansion on the left side, the other at the top of the first set of stairs.
  • Boltock(2) - One on the right side near the mansion. The other gun is in a center cove near the first set of stairs at the top.

[edit] Fuel Depot

Fuel depot.JPG

Used as a fueling facility by the COG during the raging war, this map is a favorite amongst many players. Teams usually make a mad dash for the sniper, easily the maps most popular weapon. Most of the battling takes place outside, so securing the Hammer of Dawn is also high priority. Tagging with grenades is also highly effective as there is a number of hiding spots both inside and outside of buildings. Stick together with teammates and try not to get separated since the map is quite large.

  • Longshot(2) - One inside each truck near the warehouse
  • Hammerburst(2) - One on each outside-back corner of warehouse
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) on each side of the helipad
  • Hammer of Dawn(1) - One inside the warehouse

[edit] Garden


This overgrown conservatory still has a working fertilization and pesticide system. Be sure to vent the greenhouse before entering our you will face an early death. Depending on the side you begin, the boomshot is an easy grab and can be very deadly when used effectively. Grabbing the sniper and attacking from long-range is a smart strategy on this map, and using good teamwork by flanking opposition around the buildings is a smart tactic.

  • Longshot(2) - One inside each of the greenhouses near spawn
  • Hammer of Dawn(1) - One inside the middle building against the far wall
  • Boomshot(1) - One up the set of stairs opposite Hammer of Dawn

[edit] Gridlock


Fighting in open streets amongst rubble and destroyed vehicles, Gridlock is a big close-quarters combat map. The boomshot is the most effective weapon on the map, but is hard to acquire due to opposition both flanking and camping the location. The sniper can be a valuable weapon since you have a clear view of most of the map after picking it up. Players usually travel in groups on this map, so tossing nades at their location can usually result in a death or two.

  • Longshot(1) - One in the center of the map, in the building at the top of the stairs on water-side.
  • Grenades(1) - One (pair) in the very center of the map
  • Hammerburst(2) - One on each side of the map at the dead-end walkway
  • Boomshot(1) - One in a hollowed-out walkway opposite of the sniper

[edit] Mansion


The Fenix estate is a shell of its former state, and as you begin this map, you can either head inside the mansion or stay outside in the stormy weather. Either way, sticking with your team is very important. The boomshot is a coveted weapon, but be careful as you are an open target when picking the weapon up. Flanking enemies through the front door can be very effective, but watch out for sniper fire from the balcony.

  • Longshot(1) - One inside at the top of the staircase
  • Grenades(1) - One (pair) at the front door to the mansion
  • Boomshot(1) - One outside opposite the grenades
  • Hammerburst(2) - One on each side across from spawn
  • Boltok (1) - One inbetween the staircase in the mansion

[edit] Mausoleum


The Mausoleum was once a spiritual place for reflecting on those who have passed. Even though much of the area has been demolished, fighting within continues. This is a good map to split up your team, attacking each of the sides in groups of two. The boomshot is a great weapon for this map, so sending someone straight inside to the center is a great idea, as long as you watch your flank. The sniper is not very effective with all the high cover provided within this location. Tagging unsuspecting enemies behind cover with nades will often result in success for your team.

  • Longshot(1) - One outside up the two sets up stairs within the gates
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) near each of the spawn points
  • Boomshot(1) - One located inside at the center of the map
  • Torquebow(1) - One outside completely opposite the sniper location
  • Boltok(2) - One at each of the spawn points opposite grenades

[edit] Old Bones

Old bones.jpg

Sera’s Capitoline Museums have been taken over by the Locust in an attempt to destroy all traces of human history and culture. Getting the boomshot can be tricky as enemies will usually camp and lancer you down, along with flanking around the center pillar. Having a teammate to back you up with cover fire and revives is essential, even when attacking the sniper point. Since players usually travel in groups, launching grenades into enemy units is usually a smart tactic. Close-quarters combat will happen frequently here, so have your shotgun ready.

  • Longshot(1) - One located on the far side opposite the boomshot behind a pillar.
  • Boomshot(1) - One near the middle of the map next to a barrier.
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) opposite each other outside the spawn building.

[edit] Process


Teams fight for control of this subterranean imulsion processing plant, which is still active following the Pendulum Wars. Weapons are pretty spread out on this map, making teamwork very important. Attacking a spot alone can be risky, especially if the opposition is able to acquire one of the power weapons. Watch out for lancer fire if attempting to pick up boomshot, and when moving around, keep in constant motion since there is plenty of spots to get the jump on people.

  • Longshot(1) - One located inside a small broken elevator off to the side
  • Boomshot(1) - One at the maps highest point, looking over the torquebow.
  • Torquebow(1) - One placed behind a pillar beyond the boomshot
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) opposite each other near the spawn points

[edit] Raven Down

Raven down.jpg

A large Raven helicopter has crashed in the middle of this ravaged city block. Teams start in close proximity of each other, making up-close combat a high priority. Stick together as a team and try to outnumber enemies with shotguns ready. Since group battles are frequent, have grenades ready to toss at anytime. There is a lot of debris in the streets, so take cover behind cars and other objects if needing to hide or recover health.

  • Grenades(2): One pair near each spawn point in a truck

[edit] Rooftops


Taking place high above the streets, rooftops is a dream location for anyone that enjoys the Hammer of Dawn. Most of the map takes place in the open, so sweep over the corridor with the Hammer to rack up kills. Avoiding the weapon is usually done by hiding under the short overheads available to you. On each side, there is a house that can be used for sniping unsuspecting enemies, but is susceptible to grenade tosses. Using good teamwork is essential on this map.

  • Longshot(2) - One on each side under the water tower.
  • Hammer of Dawn(2) - One near each spawn in a darkened shack.
  • Torquebow(1) - One in the center (highest spot) of the map
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) on the walkway over looking each sniper point.
  • Boltok(2) - One to the left up the first long set of stairs after each spawn

If you lobbed a smoke grenade or used a Boomshot in one of the windows of the adjoining buildings, it reveled the presence of a man sitting on a toilet.

[edit] Subway


This central subway station used to serve as the main transportation for commuters, but it has since been over-run with Locust. Quite a large map, you have to be careful when moving around. When starting underground, it is essential to gain control of the torque and boomshot, two powerful weapons. Lancering from across the train tracks can often down anyone trying to pick up the boomshot. When outside, use the heavy rain and debris to hide yourself and get an opportunity to surprise the enemy, especially when you have the sniper rifle.

  • Longshot(1) - One located on top ground above the boomshot location
  • Boomshot(1) - One is positioned between the trains across from grenades
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) is next to the boomshot downstairs. The other is upstairs next to van up some steps..
  • Torquebow(1) - One located inside of a broken train near underground spawn.

[edit] Tyro Station

Tyro station.JPG

Located outside of the Fenix estate, this run-down station still runs train through the area. Since death by train can still happen when on the tracks, most players decide to fight underneath in the lower grounds. If you grab a torque bow, you can do quite well by camping outside and waiting for unsuspecting enemies to come up to the surface. Also, sneaking across the tracks can get you to enemy ground fairly quickly. The Hammer of Dawn is a tough weapon to grab but has a chance to be quite effective with all the open space.

  • Grenades(1) - One (pair) underneath the train station
  • Torque Bow(2) - One on each side of the path opposite the train tracks
  • Hammer of Dawn(1) - One in the middle of the train tracks
  • Boltok(2) - One opposite each of the spawn points behind trash containers

[edit] War Machine

War machine.JPG

This underground facility is one of the more well laid out maps in the game. You start in fairly close proximity of the opposite team, but the weapons are dispersed nicely, with the main weapons (torque, sniper) opposite each other, giving you a choice in which spot to try and secure. There is also a turret up top that delivers serious damage to players, but leaves your flank open and you become an easy headshot. Preventing the enemy from getting all the power-up weapons is vital, so use good teamwork to attack a certain location. Grenades are a good item on this map, especially when tossed into the torque bow area, where skirmishes often break out between teams.

  • Longshot(1) - One in between the sandbags opposite torquebow
  • Torque Bow(1) - One across from each set of grenades under turret
  • Grenades(2) - One (pair) on each side next to the stairs

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