General RAAM


General RAAM

[edit] Description

Former general of the Locust Horde. He killed Minh Young Kim in a fatal stab near the end of Act I. He can also be seen at the end of Act III, killing more COG soldiers. He is also the last boss to fight in Gears of War. During the fight, he will use the Kryll to aid him. Even though he rarely speaks throughout Gears of War, he is voiced by Dee Bradly Baker.

[edit] Strategy

RAAM is armed with a chaingun, so using cover is an absolute must. He is also shielded by Kryll, which makes him invulnerable so do not waste your ammo on him while the Kryll are surrouding him. He will occasionally send the Kryll away to destroy you (so staying in the light is also necessary), and you can get the Kryll off of him early by using a grenade or Tourque arrow. When he is exposed, grenades and Torque arrows are your best bet to bring him down quickly. Longshot and Lancer headshots also work very well. RAAM will move around, including come towards you. When RAAM gets near you, you're best bet is to Rodie run around him and to the opposite end of the train, while staying in the light, to find cover.

There is also a glitch that can make your job much easier. At the start of the battle, go right and there should be 4 blocks, two on each side. Take cover behind the last one on the right and lure him to you somehow. If you're lucky RAAM will get stuck behind the block and you can pick him off from there, although that will still take time if you are on Insane.

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