Gorgon Pistol

The Gorgon Pistol is the third type of Pistol in Gears Of War and is making an exclusive debut in Gears Of War 2. This quick firing gun can eject two bullets simultaneously which is enabled by its dual clip making it a powerful weapon and lethal at close range. It has one drawback that once it needs reloading both barrels must be reloaded. It is a weapon favored by the Locust Kantus. Being a single handed weapon like the Boltok Pistol or the Snub Pistol, The newest Handgun can be wielded with the Shield to protect the user and offer cover at varied intervals. The Pistol is also the only gun which can be used when you have picked up an enemy/flag into the meat shield position. Being possibly the most powerful Pistol, the Gorgun Handgun proves very effective when doing this. When using this gun, aim at an opponents head and unload all six shots into it. This usually results in a down. Special Execution:N/A.

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