Hammer of Dawn


[edit] Overall Information

The Hammer of Dawn is a weapon used in the Gears of War series in places such as the berserker fights in Gears of War, minor parts in the Gears of War 2 campaign, and multiple times in both the games, Gears of War and Gears of War 2. It is a weapon that fires a imulsion-energized satellite particle beam from the sky and can quickly destroy larger enemies. The Hammer of Dawn is one of the only ways to defeat an otherwise nearly invincible Berserker.

The "weapon" that you wield in-game is hand-held, but since the Hammer of Dawn is actually a satellite mounted weapon, what you carry isn't the actual weapon that fires. Instead, the weapon you carry is used to help the Hammer of Dawn target where to fire (much like real modern warfare using lasers to tag targets for smartbombs). The enemy though must be within visibility of a satellite, which means that the person being aimed at must be under clear skies. To use the Hammer of Dawn, you hold down the LT (Left Trigger) to aim, and then hold down the RT (Right Trigger) button to shoot the beam - which fires directly from overhead where you aim. The beam can be dragged for a certain amount of time. In Gears of War, it had infinite ammo. But in Gears of War 2, it has 5 shots instead of infinite shots.

The Hammer of dawn is also only available at times when the satellite is directly above, if say, the satellite is on the other side of the world the Hammer of dawn would be rendered useless. But throughout the Gears of war story the satellite is conveniently in the right position and only has a few minutes before it orbits out of viable use for Marcus.

[edit] Inconsistencies

It is made clear that the Hammer of Dawn only works under clear skies and can only be fired on enemies that are out in the open, but there is no explanation why the Hammer's particle beam cannot penetrate cloud cover or punch through roofs to reach it's targets. (except for the fact that the satellite must actually see its target)

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