Locust Horde

Template:Header This savage army of extraterrestrial creatures attacked and devastated the human population living on the surface of Sera on one fateful day remembered as Emergence Day. On that day, the Locust succeeded in destroying and conquering most cities where innocent civilians once lived in peace. Their ambition, to completely destroy the human race without second thought or hesitation. However, their plan was thwarted for sometime when the Delta Squad, a group of COG soldiers, destroyed most of the Locust stronghold with the Lightmass bomb. Six months after the detonation of the Lightmass bomb that destroyed a large portion of the Locust population, the horde returns as an even greater threat than they were before. In the past, the Locust created small emergence holes where they would crawl out of in small groups. Now they wield a weapon so powerful it can create emergence holes the size of an entire city. With this weapon, the Locust Horde plans to eliminate the human population by sinking each city on the surface of Sera one by one.


[edit] Classes

Similar to the military hierarchy humans use to determine their ranking position, the Locust Horde is made up of several species of creatures each assigned with a special task. Some of these creatures may have special abilities that are useful to the Locust and sometimes also harmful towards humans.

[edit] Drones

Main article: Drones

Locust Drone in Annex versus mode
Locust Sniper

At the bottom of the Locust hierarchy lie the Drones. These muscular, scaled fiends are foot soldiers sent out into the front lines of the battlefield to fight the enemy. However, it is said that one of these creatures is at least twice as strong as the average human. When entering combat, Drones are usually armed with the Hammerburst. However, in less than frequent cases, some Drones are armed with the Lancer.

Drones are available as a playable characters in versus mode in both Gears of War and Gears of War 2.

[edit] Snipers

This is a special class of Drones that, as the name implies, are assigned sniping tasks. To assist them in their already excellent marksmanship, Snipers wear special goggles to accurately pinpoint an unsuspecting enemy. They are armed with the Longshot, a rifle equipped with a long barrel and a sniper scope to target enemies from long distances.

Snipers are playable characters in versus mode for both Gears of War and Gears of War 2.

[edit] Grenadiers


One step up from the Drones in the Locust hierarchy are the Grenadiers. Their overall physical appearance does resemble that of a Drone, but they are generally bulkier and stronger. Grenadiers, in addition to being large and muscular, have tough skin making them invulnerable to most physical attacks. However, they do not wear anything to cover themselves from the waist up. They preferably engage in close combat, so they are armed with the Gnasher Shotgun, which at close range can be quite devastating. Grenadiers are not very intelligent and will often rush the enemy without taking cover. Nevertheless, they still exceed the Drones in combat ability, so they pose a greater threat than them.

Grenadiers are playable in both Gears of War and Gears of War 2 versus mode.

[edit] Grenadier Elites

This subclass of Grenadiers are apparently stronger, tougher and more vicious than the regular ones. Unlike the standard Grenadier, Elites wear shoulder and lower body armor.

Grenadier Elites are also playable in multiplayer mode for Gears 1 and 2.

[edit] Boomers

Boomer, seen on right

This group of Locusts stand a head taller and are stronger than Grenadiers. They are the Boomers, and they are named that for the fact that they are armed with the deadly Boomshot, a powerful weapon that operates like a rocket launcher. When these beasts emerge, they make their presence known by letting out a loud roar, which lets you know that they are ready to destroy everything in sight. Boomers, being so large and stocky, are very resilient and seemingly invulnerable to the firepower of the Lancer and shotgun. It even takes several shots to the head from the Longshot to kill them. However, as relentless as they are, one shot from the Torque Bow will destroy them as easily as it does anyone else. Additionally, Boomers' large, bulky bodies make them slow and an easy target, since they tend to remain stationary, taking the full brunt of all enemy fire.

Boomers are not playable in versus mode.

[edit] Boomers [Mauler]

Only featured in Gears of War 2

A Mauler Boomer

This class of Boomers is much like its original Boomshot wielding counterpart except for two key features. One of them is that they wear thick, heavy armor to protect them while engaged in close combat. The second and most prominent feature is that they use weapons similar to a flail which are very explosive when it makes contact with its target. Maulers prove to be more of a dangerous foe than its predecessor because they will rush their enemies in an attempt to smash them into bloody pieces, whereas the regular Boomers tend to remain stationary.

[edit] Boomers [Flame]

A Flame Boomer
Only featured in Gears of War 2

This Boomer is much like it's brother, the original Boomshot wielding Locust. Flame Boomers favor the use of the Scorcher Flamethrower to burn down and eviscerate foes with the Scorcher's range. Flame Boomers are not in Gears of War but are making their first appearance in Gears of War 2. The best way to take out a Flame Boomer is to shoot the immusion tank on its back. It has a helmet as displayed in the picture, this potentially gives the invulnerability or high resistance to headshots.

[edit] Boomers [Grinder]

These Boomers are much like its Boomshot wielding counterpart for the fact that it remains mostly stationary. The only thing that sets these class of Boomers apart from regular Boomers is that they are armed with the Mulcher, which is a portable turret gun that will quickly destroy any foe that gets caught in its fire.

[edit] Leaders

[edit] Theron Guards

Theron Guard
Higher up in the ranks are the Theron Guards, an elite class of Locust that act as commanding officers in the Locust army. Therons are taller, stronger, faster, and generally deadlier than Drones or Grenadiers. They are also much more intelligent than inferior classes of Locust, often taking cover in battle and rarely rushing an enemy. Unlike other Locust, Theron Guards carry more than one weapon in battle and will sometimes switch between them depending on the circumstance. They are usually armed with the Boltok Pistol and their preferred, most commonly used weapon, the Torque Bow. Nevertheless, they are proficient users of all weapons, Locust and human.
Theron Sentinel
Theron Guards can be easily distinguished from other Locusts as they wear long, red leather coat-looking armor and a helmet that covers the head from the nose up.

Theron Guards are available in versus mode for both Gears 1 and 2.

[edit] Theron Sentinels

Second in command of the Locust forces are the Theron Sentinels. They do not differ much from Theron Guards in physical appearance except for the red masks that they wear instead of the helmets that Guards wear. Furthermore, Sentinels aren't significantly stronger or faster than Theron Guards (if at all). They are small in number and are rarely seen in combat.

Theron Sentinels are playable in versus mode for Gears 1 and 2.

[edit] General RAAM

General RAAM, surrounded by Kryll

Main article: General RAAM

General RAAM is the leader of the Locust horde and the primary antagonist of Gears of War. Cunning and ruthless, he quickly rose from a lowly Drone to a Theron Guard and then eventually became the general of the entire Locust army. RAAM is quite burly, standing several heads taller than the average human and carrying a constant grimacing complexion. Unlike anyone else, RAAM can shroud himself in Kryll, which he uses as a shield. He can also instruct them to attack his enemies. General RAAM also possesses incredible strength capable of wielding a Troika chain gun with ease. He also owns a jagged edged sword which he used to impale Lieutenant Kim. In the end of Gears of War, he is killed by Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago, with the assistance of other COG soldiers in King Raven helicopters.

General RAAM is a playable character in Gears of War versus mode and will return in Gears of War 2 versus mode.

[edit] Skorge


Main article: Skorge

Skorge is the primary adversary of Gears of War 2 and could be described as the successor to General RAAM. He is the leader of the Kantus who acts as more of a high priest who controls the rest of the Locust using loud verbals and screeches. Though not quite as burly as RAAM, Skorge is incredibly agile and vicious, carrying the gorgan pistol and a double ended chainsaw staff.

Skorge is available as a playable character in Gears of War 2 Versus mode.

[edit] Other Creatures

The Locust Horde has utilized several formidable creatures and used them against their enemies. These creatures range both in size and number, and all of them are natives of subterranean Sera.

[edit] Brumaks

Main article: Brumak


Brumaks are tremendous monsters with incredibly thick hides. These infamous behemoths stand up to 40 feet tall (12 meters) hunched over, weighing up to 22,046lbs (10,000kg), and possess clawed hands and feet, resembling that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Brumaks have very large humanoid heads usually covered from the eyes up by the helmets they wear (In Gears of War 2, they appear to have stopped using them, revealing two large black eyes as opposed to the several glowing eyes on their helmets). Brumaks are armed with heavy artillery weapons, ranging from missile launchers to massive cannons mounted on their backs, making them difficult to combat and defend against. Fortunately, they are small in number. Sometimes they are ridden by Drones, serving them as a means of transportation. In the Xbox 360 version of Gears of War, Brumaks appear in less than frequent occasions in campaign, but in spite of that players never fight them head on (you do have to kill one from afar using the Hammer of Dawn). However, in Gears of War PC, players do get to fight these beasts in campaign mode. Moreover, in Gears of War 2 (only on Xbox 360), players will be able to fight Brumaks, as well as ride them.

[edit] Corpsers

Main article: Corpsers


Corpsers are enormous beasts similar to Brumaks, only their bodies are more spider-like. They wear helmets similar to the ones Brumaks wear covering half of their heads. Corpers have eight thick legs that they use to protect their bellies, the only exposed part of their bodies and therefore also the most vulnerable. Corpsers are used by the Locust Horde to dig tunnels and are often seen briefly before a Locust attack. The only place on Sera Corpsers cannot dig through in a short amount of time is Jacinto Plateau, which sits on a massive slab of granite.

[edit] Seeders

Someone targeting a Seeder with the Hammer of Dawn

Seeders are basically Locust anti-air units, as they spawn Nemacysts which can jam radio signals and destroy airborne enemies. 4 Seeders are killed in Gears of War through the Hammer of Dawn, and strangely, none are fought in Gears of War 2, save for several near the end of the game.

[edit] Nemacysts


The Nemacyst are basically Locust rockets that launch themselves toward a target and explode on impact, killing themselves but also damaging the target. Nemacyst are spawned by Seeders and often a Seeder is nearby when Nemacysts are. Nemacysts take very little shots to kill but are also very damaging if they hit you, so take caution.

[edit] Bloodmount

[edit] Wretches


Wretches are small and quite annoying little monkey-like Locust. They do not take many shots at all, but on Insane or Hardcore these enemies can be quite annoying if they swarm on you. A quick melee (2 on Insane) can destroy any wretch very quickly.

[edit] Tickers


Locust landmines that run extremely fast, Tickers are small Locust that explode near an enemy and cause massive damage if you are playing on Hardcore or above. Stand 6 feet in there range when they explode and you die if you're on Insane. A swift melee will instantly knock them into the air, and one shot from nearly any weapon on the game blows them up. When they explode they emit flames from the small tank on their back, so roll back when you see that. Meleeing 30 tickers earns you the " Takes A Licking" achievement.

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