Nexus is the center of the Hollow and presumably where the Locust originate.

The Nexus is where the Locust Queen resides and where Marcus and Dom find Maria in the prison camps also located there. Before finding the Queen however, Delta Squad must battle through several waves of formidable Palace Guards and Maulers, making the task no easy one. Nexus is also the capital city of the locust horde and home of the ongoing civil war of the locusts. physically, in my own opinion the place looks like a giant hive. but its covered in bright yellow lights. its unknown how many floors there actually are but visually from the outside there seems to be about 15 parts to it.Below it is a lake of immulsion, making entry from below impossible. There is a main highway that enters/exits it, allowing hundreds of troops to move in/out. Nexus was destroyed after the COG sunk Jacinto City themselves, flooding the Hollow with seawater.

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