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[edit] Description

The Raven helicopter (also known as King Raven) is the main source of transportation for Delta Squad during the beginning of the Gears of War campaign. The Raven rescued Dom and Marcus from the prison blocks and the Locust onslaught during Chapter 1 of Act 1 of the Gears of War storyline. The Raven can also cary up to 12 Gears. Another thing it has is two chain guns. The Raven appears in act 1,4, and 5.

[edit] Specifications

Top Speed: 180 kph
Troop Capacity: 12 Gears
Armor: Medium

The Raven provides all-purpose air support. Dual blades increase maneuverability. Warning: Vulnerable to Nemacysts air spores. The king raven could kick some ass man but it hurts to see it's sister go down.

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