Torque Bow

The Torque Bow is one of the trickiest but most useful weapons in the game. It is almost as effective as the Longshot for sniping. The Torque Bow uses exploding arrows that can tag on to the target and detonate itself upon contact. In order to tag the intended target with the arrow, the user must hold the trigger to charge the bow for at least 3 seconds before releasing it to fire. Moreover, the Torque Bow will fire itself if the trigger is held for a certain period of time. The longer the bow is charged, the faster the arrow will travel, making it one of the most difficult weapons to evade. However, if the bow is fired before charging it for 3 seconds, the arrow will not be able to tag on to the target (since it won't be traveling fast enough to be able to pierce and tag onto the target) and simply travel like a rocket in an arc. When aiming with the Torque Bow, a trajectory beam appears on-screen that will straighten itself when the bow is charged. The straighter the beam becomes, the more accurate the shot is. An enemy that has been shot with a Torque Bow charged for 3 seconds or more will die instantly when the arrow detonates. Getting an active reload with the bow will allow the user to charge it up in 2/3 of the time it would normally take for the bow to propel an arrow fast enough to stick onto an enemy. In Gears of War 2 the Torque Bow is expected to be even more useful, since it will be able to instantly blow up destructible cover, giving the player a prime advantage in places where cover is limited when wielding this weapon. Special Execution:The enemy's head is mounted on the inside of the bow, then kicked, resulting in decapitation.

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