Anthony Carmine


Anthony Carmine
Anthony Carmine
Affiliations: C.O.G.
Rank: Private Grade 2 (Anthony) Private (Benjamin)
Unit: Delta team Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (Anthony) 20 (Benjamin)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Voice Actor: Michael Gough

Carmine was the youngest and one of the original members of Delta Squad, at the age of 18. He first appeared in the King Raven chopper that picked up Dom and Marcus in the first act. A very enthusiastic soldier, Carmine looked up to Marcus and his legendary status. He was always eager to rush into battle and fight the Locust Horde. Carmine always got heavily involved in the first act before he died. Carmine met his (apparent) death at the hands of a Locust Sniper while trying to get his gun unjammed during the first Act of the game. Ironically, Carmine was the only member of the squad to wear a helmet. Carmine is voiced by Michael Gough. On the multi-player in gears of war 2 Anthony Carmine will be a playable character if you have unlocked the "Completed Act 1" achievement from the original Gears of War.

Recently, Cliffy B confirmed that Carmine would be returning in Gears of War 2. How, and in what capacity, is still unknown. However, in GameTrailers, there's a video called "delta Force Blues" and states that it's Carmine's Brother, Benjamin, who is in the sequel. Benjamin is in the sequel because it was thought that Anthony was a very popular character in the Gears of War first act

It is interesting to note that in Gears of War 2 Benjamin Carmine wields a Longshot throughout the game, obviously a nod to his brother Anthony's death. Another interesting piece of trivia is that in Gears of War Anthony, the first Carmine's name had an A, Benjamin, his brother, starts with B, and in Gears of War 2 when you find Benjamin's COG Tag he made a mention of someone named Clay, making the Carmines have an A, a B, and possibly a C in Gears of War 3.

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