Benjamin Carmine


Benjamine Carmine

Benjamin Carmine is the brother of Anthony Carmine and is a new recruit to Delta Squad. Unlike his brother, Benjamin prefers to use the Longshot Sniper Rifle in combat and not the Lancer's Chainsaw. He was brought into the game as the creators of the Gears of War games killed his brother Anthony and then found out that he was supposedly a very well liked character in the game.

He is later killed after Delta Squad is swallowed by the Riftworm. He has been mauled by the intestinal creatures in the Riftworm, and he can still speak despite his ribs and chest being visible. His COG Tag can be found some distance from his body, in the same area.

It is interesting that Benjamin claims he has trouble reloading, but has none in battle. Benjamin only appears in Gears of War 2.

Epic games has stated that Benjamin was sort of a homage to Anthony. As Anthony was loved by gamers of the last Gears of war, Epic thought it would be fitting to revive Anthony somehow, To avoid a plot-hole they created Benjamin as an effective way of bringing Anthony back into the Gears of war universe.

Benjamin also continues the running joke about the Carmine's getting killed in ironic ways. In essence Carmine is the "Kenny" of Gears of war.


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