[edit] Description

The Berserkers are the female members of the group of the Locust, and are some of the most fearsome enemies you will encounter in the Campaign. Berserkers are large, quick, and invulnerable to almost all the weapons you have on hand. They are also blind, and rely on homing in on noise to charge at their enemies. Aside from these qualities, which earn them their name, Berserkers emit loud howling roars which are sure to chill the blood of their prey. While they carry no ranged weapons with them, they are extremely dangerous when you are up close to them. Their primary attack is a rapid berserking charge that obliterates everything in its path, including walls, small obstacles, and especially humans unlucky enough to get in their way! A single charge can kill any player character.

[edit] Strategy

The charge of the Berserker can kill the player in one hit, so it is to be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to roll and evade it - the trick is to roll at the last minute right before you expect the Berserker to strike. If you are playing in co-op mode it is also possible to have one player make noise to distract the Berserker if the other player is in trouble (say trapped in a corner or by a wall). The best strategy for a Berserker is to get them exposed to the sky (either by going outside or by tricking them into damaging the supports to a roof) and hit them with the Hammer of Dawn. After being hit with the Hammer, the creature will be vulnerable to conventional weapons for a short time, so it is a good idea to shoot them as much as possible during this time. Or in order to kill the berserker instantly, even on the Insane difficulty, you should stun the berserker with the shot of a Hammer of Dawn, then stick her with a frag grenade by walking up to it with a frag grenade in hand, and pressing the B button. Then roll back so it will not charge you.

Warning: Possible Spoiler Ahead:

In on part of the Campaign mode, you will be facing a Berserker on a moving train, and most probably you will not have a Hammer of Dawn on hand to handle this Berserker. The key to defeating the Berserker here is to lure them to one of the rear cars on the train, and then making a rush back to an earlier car where you can disengage the latter car from the rest of the train, essentially leaving the Berserker behind. If you are playing in Co-op mode, one player can stand by the release lever while the other plays the bait. There is a possible "glitch" that makes the gear able to release the rear cart first, if this happens you must lure him off the gap you just made by releasing the rear train cart.

[edit] Gears of War 2

Strangely, Berserkers are not featured in Gears of War 2 at any time. In one collectible however, Baird remarks on how they have not encountered any Locust children. This may have something to do with the absence of Berserkers.

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