Did you know that in gow the first beserker you will be fighing is actually a prisoner? shall i tell you why because its lambet and the locust are using it to kill the gears.

The beserker is a fearsome beast wich will kill everything in it's path...or should i say everything it hears. beserker's are blind so in that case they hunt by sound and the hard thing about them is she has rock skin (yes it's a girl) so to kill her you will have to get her in a open sky and blast her with the hammer of dawn.


near anough on the last level you will be facing a beserker on a train and you will not be using the hammer of dawn (thanks to the nemasicy) so to kill her you will have to take her on the back cart run to a button and discconect the train and you will be waving goodbye in a distance (the beserker falss) so thats all

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