One of the most devastating weapons in the game, the Boomshot is basically a rocket launcher. When a rocket makes contact with the target, it causes an initial explosion followed by a secondary one, which resembles a "splash" effect. Even if a player manages to avoid the initial explosion, the secondary one may still prove to be fatal. A Boomshot fired after an active reload will increase its range of damage. If an enemy is directly hit with a rocket or within a range of about 5 feet (1.5 meters) of where the rocket hits, it is an instant kill. The Boomshot is extremely effective at all ranges, however, the player has to calculate a proper trajectory for the shot to arc for it to hit the opponent. Also, if the boomshot is fired by the player at a very close range, the Boomshot may also kill them along with the enemy. Perfect Active Reload yields a few more explosions after initial detonation. Special Execution:N/A

The boomshot is often considered by many experienced online players to be one of the most important weapons to take control of in an online multiplayer match. Control of the boomer and the specific area of the map where the boomer spawns can often lead to a victory in that particular match, for your team will have what is often considered the most influential weapon in Gears of War multiplayer. Its near automatic kill blast, unlimited range and quick reload are all aspects of the weapon that deem it to be extremely significant, and even overpowered by some players.

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