COG Tag Locations

Template:Header Note: a better way to notice locations is to keep an eye on the red Gear emblem/logo on the specified tags to ensure the tag is located nearby.

Tag Number Act Description of location
Tag 1: Act 1(14 Years after) Right after the dialogue of deciding for either a training route or immediate battle, choose the immediate path and

run forwards, the tag should be in the middle of the rubble.

Tag 2: Act 1 (14 years After) After crossing the Bridge, you'll run into a battle of Locust hiding in cover, turn right and run to the end of the room.

Find a table flipped sideways and look for an ammo box, the tag will be next to it.

Tag 3: Act 1 (14 Years after) After escaping to the courtyard, run to the left stairs and take an immediate left, the tag is right on the corner
Tag 4: Act 1 (Trial By Fire) This one by default is pointed out easily, its located where the first set of Locust is spawned.
Tag 5: Act 1 (Trial By Fire) Cross the bridge where you spot the possible KIA scene, enter the room and the tag should be located next to the doorway (Look for a bluish wall)
Tag 6: Act 1 (Fish in a Barrel) After the dialogue about Rojas' whereabouts, get to the fountain area where numerous Locust Holes begin to spawn.

The tag is located next to the far left Ammo box, near a lightpost.

Tag 7: Act 1 (Knock Knock) After the short walk dialogue, find the farthest white van that is parked on stairs, the tag is located to the left near the pit
Tag 8: Act 1 (Hammer) After the first Wretch Encounter, look for the boarded window, the tag is behind a desk near it
Tag 9: Act 1 (Hammer)

After finding Rojas, the tag is next to the stairs previously descended from

Tag 10: Act 1 (China Shop) Right after the COG Soldier is killed by the Berserker, look in that same hallway and search for a fire, its right in it
Tag 11: Act 1 (China Shop) Get the Beserker to break the first and second Checkpoint Doors, on the left towards the third door, the tag is located next to a black covered window
Tag 12: Act 1 (China Shop)

Right after being able to get to the courtyard area, run ahead to the far end and look on the left, the tag should be in a dark corner

Tag 13: Act 2 (Tick Tick Boom)

Play through until Jack is called to breach through a door, follow the staircases that leads to a couch, with the tag is under it

Tag 14: Act 2 (Grist) Proceed on the catwalk where part of it breaks, followed by group of Wretches. Take the exit and eliminate the next group, then take the stairs and reach the dead end hallway, the tag is behind a rock
Tag 15: Act 2 (Grist) Right after the Movable car battle, The Tag is located right before speaking to the Stranded Guardsman, entering the Stranded area prohibits this tag
Tag 16: Act 2 (Lethal Dusk) Clear Checkpoint one. Upon venturing in the open, an emergence hole appears the left, which a propane tank is located left from the hole. Shoot the nearby propane tank in a small hut to ensure minimal damage by Kryll, with the tag inside
Tag 17: Act 2 (Lethal Dusk) Ensure that Dominic activates the street lights first, with the searchlight assistance. Then, As Marcus, place the searchlight to where Dominic started from and face it to a destroyed car, the tag is located near it. (The light is used to ensure protection from the Kryll)
Tag 18: Act 2 (Dark Labyrinth) Right before the entering Gas Station area, locate a car with an propane tank that can explode, it should reveal a tag in the corner from the car
Tag 19: Act 3 (Downpour) After entering the plant site area, locate the elevator and run to the far end of the dock behind the elevator, the tag is on the end.
Tag 20: Act 3 (Evolution) Play through until the Stranded survivor is killed in the Wretch infested floor room. Carefully proceed to the northeast corner to the tag without falling down.
Tag 21: Act 3 (Coalition Cargo) Before activating the mine carts that separates into two groups, the tag is located next to the descending stairs
Tag 22: Act 3 (Before Dawn) Upon entering underground, stay onto the Straight bridge path until the end, the tag is located within the small light area
Tag 23: Act 1 (Before Dawn) After being separated with Dom and falling to the water stream, play through until the small guardhouse containing two Drones is killed. The tag is located on the far right.
Tag 24: Act 3 (Angry Titan) Before the Corpser Battle, immediately turn to the right, and search next to an ammo box on the very end.
Tag 25: Act 4 (Campus Grinder) Seconds after the beginning of the Act, search the Stairs on the opposite side of the Locust Battle. The tag should be near the second set of stairs.
Tag 26: Act 4 (Bad to Worse) When Baird and Cole stay behind,the path is split into two, the left continues the Campaign, where Jack is called upon, and to the right is a dead end. The Tag is located behind a car.
Tag 27: Act 4 (Imaginary Place) Play through in the Fenix Estate, locate a room where four pillars are in place followed by a well preserved desk, destroy it, revealing the next tag.
Tag 28: Act 5 (Train Wreck) Right after boarding the train, the tag is located on the left in the first car where Jack has to rip it's door, this is after the Beserker battle.
Tag 29: Act 5 (Train Wreck) The second passenger car after Tag 28 has the tag located in the middle of the car room
Tag 30: Act 5 (Train Wreck) The tag is in last car before General RAAM, The front door is blocked off, which the tag

must be located on the other side.

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