Carmine family


The last name of a family of four brothers in the Gears of War series. Only two of the four brothers are actually known of though and have a good amount of information about both.

[edit] Anthony Carmine

In the first Gears of War, there was A. Carmine. An eager COG rook who was in the delta squad until near the end of the first Act. While trying to reload his gun after a large gun fight, he is sniped by a Locust Sniper. More details can be found at the Anthony Carmine page.

[edit] Benjamin Carmine

B. Carmine was introduced in Gears of War 2. He joins Delta Squad as a rookie at the beginning of the game, when players are given an option to either train or ignore him. He is known for always having a Longshot and a Lancer with him, and being reckless with weapons in general, as evidenced by a grenade mishap during the training session.

He is later killed by parasites inside the Riftworm, and Delta is unable to rescue him in time. A War Journal entry suggests Benjamin was the youngest of his four brothers. After his death, during the beginning of act 3 when the Marcus or Dom finds a flamethrower, Dom says somewhere along the lines that Carmine was always talking about fire, and that he would've loved to have this, suggesting that his favorite weapon is the flamethrower.

There is another reference of A. Carmine in GoW2 during the first act, where Marcus finds B.Carmine outside the action trying to reload his gun. Marcus says better learn quick. The moment you open the doors to fight the locust one of the COG soldiers (who wheres the same armor as the carmines) was killed by a headshot from a sniping locust that is never seen, nor is the sniper rifle gun found.

Another reference is when Marcus finds B.Carmine near a Grind Lift. When the lift is repaired and start to drill again, Dom mentions that it's very dusty. Carmine says that the helmet has a built in filter and if they wore it they wouldn't have to breathe in the dust. Dom responds saying that with the helmet you couldn't be able to see snipers, at which point Marcus tells Dom to cool it.

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