The Centaur tank is a vehicle created by the Coalition of Ordered Governments (C.O.G). It appears to be a battle tank with monster truck wheels, although it is a front wheel drive vehicle. For weaponry it carries a single High Velocity Cannon which fires highly explosive shells. The Centaur can only hold 6 firing shells in it's loading tube at once. It also has a short, temporary speed boost that should be used at times in order to get to destinations quickly, or in order to make it to some areas. This vehicle is very, very easy to repair because of Baird, he has the skill to fix any heavy damage within one minute, for a tank this vehicle has a lot of passenger space it can either fit inside four gears or two gears and several stranded civilians. it is several metres high and very, very fast in-game. It can be used in these roles; escort, assault or simply general combat. The vehicle is used very commonly in the start of the game, as well as in all of the game, and is very commonly used in Act 1 where a lot of Centaurs are seen defending the convoy of Derrick. After killing the Riftworm in the story game, Delta Squad receives a Centaur and is tasked with investigating the New Hope Research Facility. The tank takes little to no damage during a razor hail storm of Razor hail, and the player is tasked with defending it from a Reaver swarm during repairs.

Later during Act 3, you are to drive this to ride into a mountain containing many Locust. It is used to fight many Locust, including Boomers, Troika Turret users, and many Drones and Locusts. You have to ride across a frozen lake which will be a hassle for some. Also you have to use the Centaur in order to kill 3 Corpsers at once and several Brumaks.

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