The Corpser is a giant spider-like creature used by the Locust Horde to create tunnels within the planet of Sera, allowing the Locust to move easily about without detection. The Corper has giant claws that it can use to attack any foe that may stand in its way. The corpser is quite easy to beat.

The Corper is one of the few bosses found in the Gears of War Campaign.

The Corpser is first seen outside Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. You fight the first corpser in the Imulsion Mines.

[edit] Battle: Defeating the Corpser

The battle with the Corpser takes place underground. To defeat the Corpser, the player must shoot it in the abdomen when it exposes itself, and then in the mouth which opens only when the abdomen has been hit. After being shot in the mouth, the Corpser will retreat a bit. Repeating this three times causes the Corpser to back up onto a bridge over a pit of immulsion. After the player has forced the Corpser onto the bridge, they must shoot the supports and send the creature into the immulsion. During the battle exploding Wretches will attack and distract the player from the Corpser. Alternatively to shooting the supports to the bridge, the player can also stand on them and roll out of the way when the Corpser strikes to trick the Corpser into destroying them.

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