Delta Squad

Baird, Cole, Marcus, and Dom of Delta Squad

Throughout the Gears of War campaign, the game experience is centered around the members of a COG unit known as Delta Squad. Private Carmine and Lieutenant Kim were two of the original members of Delta Squad. During the first act of the game, several characters rotate in and out of Delta Squad. The first to die in Delta Squad is Private Carmine, who gets shot in the head by an enemy sniper while trying to fix his jammed Lancer rifle. Later, Delta comes across Augustus Cole known as the Cole Train, who has been separated from Alpha Squad.

When Delta finally does reach Alpha Squad, Lieutenant Kim is separated and killed by General RAAM. After Kim's death, Delta and Alpha retreat to a nearby building in which they meet up with the last recruit for Delta in the game, Private Damon Baird. There is also one unnamed member from Alpha Squad (the squad that Cole and Baird joined Delta from) who was with Delta Squad only for a short cutscene. He wears the same armor as Carmine, and he was killed by one of the Berserkers when the creature made its first appearance.

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