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Dizzy Walin, formerly a Stranded, is now a conscript with COG so that he could take care of his family from living outside the Jacinto walls.

After players successfully escort Dizzy and his derrick to a drill site, Skorge appears to attack the COGs. Dizzy is alst seen holding him off so that Marcus and Dominic can continue their mission. While it appears unlikely that Dizzy survived, he is confirmed to be alive in both the Gears of War Comic and in the second Gears of War novel. Dizzy has a strange obsession with his derrick, affectionately named "Betty," which Delta Team used for transport to a drill site. Delta (players) are instructed to protect Betty on numerous occasions, though interaction with Dizzy has been limited mostly to hearing him bark orders over an intercom on the derrick.

Falling in line with the other characters in the game, Dizzy is made into a stereotypical Texan, hollering with excitement whenever a Locust dies or making references to barbecue.

In online multiplayer, Dizzy's hat can be knocked off.

[edit] Quotes

"Ain't got no choice once we took Lifeboat assistance. Family got their groceries but daddy got conscripted. Life's a bitch like that."

"Eyes of up front Gears-incoming mortars!"

"Don't worry, I'm right behind you! haha!"

"They're molesting my Betty!"

"Huh-heh, what're you doin'? Stand up, be a man!"

"This aint good!"


"Aw, shit boy, that aint gonna work, they call it Bulletproof for a reason!"

"It's darker then a rat's ass in here! Lemme light up Betties' titties."

"Ha ha! In your FACE!"

"It looks like I've been beatin' Betty for rent money! Now that ain't right!"

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