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Template:HeaderGears of War campaign mode allows you to co-op with a friend throughout the story. The campaign mode has a selection of three difficulty; Casual Mode, Hardcore Mode, and Insane Mode.


[edit] Difficulties

[edit] Casual

Its basically as Normal Mode, as some people will say it. You will find this mode the easiest, compared to the other two. It's the first one shown that can be selected when entering the campaign mode options. Almost everything is well balance. The Locust have almost the same amount of health as you and you can run out to the open more frequently than the other two modes.

[edit] Hardcore

The difficulty on this mode is standard in most cases. The accuracy of the Locust have increased, not using cover as a option can be fatal. The Locust also have a bit more health and can be more difficult to attack. It's reasonable to have a co-op with a friend in this mode or at least complete the causal mode once.

[edit] Insane

The most difficult among all three modes. Staying in cover is a tactical strategy, especially when on co-op with a friend. Players need to have a greater accuracy against enemies. You can unlock Insane Mode by completing the Hardcore Mode campaign.

[edit] Enemies

The Locust

General RAAM

[edit] Bosses

  • Berserker: (Act 1), (Act 5)
  • Corpser: (Act 3)
  • General: RAAM: (Act 5)

[edit] Chapter Guide

[edit] Act I: Ashes

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Dominic Santiago frees his best friend, Marcus Fenix, from a penitentiary. Both are soldiers of the Delta Squad and are needed for the fight against the Locust. As they escape from the penitentiary, they are attacked by several Locust. Both rush to the helicopter as a Corpser appears and destroys the prison. They meet up with other allies of the Delta squad; Anthony Carmine and Lieutenant Minh Young Kim. They're ordered to find Alpha Squad and the Resonator. The Resonator can help them locate the underground tunnel for the Lightmass Bomb. On the way to locate Alpha Squad, Carmine is killed by a sniper and Lieutenant Kim gets killed by General RAAM. At the House of Sovereigns, Dominic and Marcus meet with two members of the Alpha Squad; Damon Baird and Augustus Cole/Cole Train. The team soon meet the Berserker and defeat it, and are informed where the Resonator is located. Marcus becomes Sergeant in place of Kim.

[edit] Act 2: Nightfall

The team agrees to listen to Dom's suggestion, to borrow a junker from a Stranded named Franklin. When they arrive, Franklin agrees to lend them the junker but in exchange to have Augustus Cole and Damon Baird help the camp defend against the Locust. As night falls another type of creature appears known as the Kryll. Marcus and Dom are fighting off the Locust towards the way to the gas station, where the junker is at. In order to survive from the Kryll, the dual need to stay underneath any source of light. They reach the Junker, which has ultraviolet light that can kill the Kryll. The two arrive at the camp and went on their way to the mining facility.

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[edit] Act 3: Belly of the Beast

The squad reach the mining facility and decide to go on foot. As they fight their way towards the Locust, they soon reach a predetermined location. All during the while defending the Resonator, the team sets off the Resonator and escape to surface. Sadly, the Resonator wasn't enough to destroy the Locust tunnels. Thankfully, Baird discover another device that shows half of the locust tunnels and the location to Marcus father's home and the East Barricade Academy.

[edit] Act 4: The Long Road Home

As they ride on a Raven helicopter on the way to the East Barricade Academy, they are attacked by Nemacysts air spores in the sky. The helicopter was soon brought down. The team are attacked by a massive amount of numbers of Locust on the way to where Marcus's father lived (Adam Fenix). Cole and Baird discover another APC in need of repair, while Marcus and Dom discover hidden laboratory in the basement. Their robot name Jack downloads the data of the tunnel maps. As soon as Jack was done, the two rush to their repaired APC. Delta Squad soon retreats as the Brumak attacks.

[edit] Act 5: Desperation

In desperation, the team rushes towards the train which holds the Lightmass Bomb at its front. Marcus and Dom are the only only ones that made it aboard on the train, while Cole and Baird fight off Locust. As the two go off farther from the front of the train, they fight off a Berserker and other large amount of Locust. As they finally reach toward the Lightmass Bomb, they encounter General RAAM guarding it. The two defeat him and rush to the Lightmass bomb. Marcus soon activates it and jumps off the train, only surviving because of the Raven, with the help of team. The Lightmass Bomb destroys most of the tunnels that carry most of the Locust stronghold. It seemed as victory, but an unknown Locust appeared to be as the Locust Queen was shown at the very ending of the act.

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