Queen Myrrah

Queen Myrrah Gears of War 3

[edit] Description

Known as the Locust Queen, she is the leader of the Locust. Myrrah has yet to be seen in Gears of War, but she does speak a few times in the game. If you leave the game at the title screen for long enough you will see a video, that the Locust Queen narrates, talking about Emergence Day. She also speaks towards the end of Act I in the scene where General RAAM makes his first appearance. Her final segment is at the end of the first game after the Lightmass Bomb has been deployed, and she talks about the Locust's will to fight until extinction. While she is talking the camera focuses on a Locust next to a reaver.

[edit] Gears of War 2

In Gears of War 2,after killing through the center of the Hollow, the Nexus, Delta Squad finally reach the Royal Chamber and see the Queen in the flesh.

It is interesting to note that the Queen and Adam Fenix have the same accent, and that she also speaks very highly of him. It is also interesting on how she has a more human-like appearance more than the appearance of an ordinary Locust. She is seen in flesh near the end of Act 4, but is not fought.

[edit] Video of the Queen from Gears of war 2 (SPOILER!)

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