In a Galaxy far, far away..

Sera was a once beautiful world, inhabited by nothing but dense jungles and wildlife. But when the human race found Sera, they settled on it, marring its once beautiful surface. Sera was then found to contain the worlds most valuable substance known to man. Immulsion. A single ounce of this liquid material is more precious than a thousands diamonds. When the Immulsion was starting to be mined, something awoke from under the once peaceful planet of Sera. Locust. A beast so ravenous, that it destroys everything in its path. And they did, Sera became a death pit. The landscape slowly changed from beautiful and green. To smoggy and black. The people that inhabit Sera are now in the most danger they have ever been in, as the Locust move into their homes. Its up to Marcus and the Delta Squad to stop the menacing Locust from destroying what's left of Sera.

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