Skorge, the arch-nemesis in Gears of War 2.

Skorge is one of the elite Locust found in Gears of War 2. He had been called "RAAM 2.0" by Epic staff, and in the sequel, he appears to be the right hand of the Locust Queen. He is 12 foot tall and he has a dual chainsaw for a weapon. As well as being in the single player, Skorge is also playable in the multi-player. When you compare Skorge to RAAM, RAAM is a much harder opponent in the game. In the game there are also mini versions of Skorge called Kantus, who pop up quite a lot during the game.

He first appears as the COG forces prepare to dive underground in search of the Locust stronghold. Dizzy and Tai appear to fend off Skorge as Marcus and Dom continue their mission. Skorge is shown cutting a Centaur in half with his chainsaw before engaging the two newest COG members. Clearly after this, Tai and Dizzy were not enough to defeat the high ranked Locust. This results in Tai being captured, tortured and him killing himself. Dizzy's path, though, is unknown, but there have been several inferences on what happened to him.

Later in the game, you are required to battle Skorge as the Queen makes her escape from Marcus and crew. In the battle, Skorge uses his pistol to shoot at you and is capable of cutting pillars in half so they fall on top of you. After engaging him in numerous chainsaw battles, he takes off following the Queen.

You will fight Skorge in the locust palace in Gears of War 2. Skorge meets his end when he is shot down as he rides the Hydra by Dom and Marcus who are riding Reavers themselves. Skorge is shown falling to the ground and lying there motionless.

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