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Tai Kaliso is a character introduced in Gears of War 2. He's known as a spiritual and meditative Polynesian COG and serves a tradition as honor fighters. His face is tattooed with tribal designs and his overall demeanor is calm and focussed. You first meet Tai Kaliso in the Hospital early in GOW2, during the stage titled "Tip of the Spear". The first sight of him finds him kneeling with his head bowed, as if in prayer, though little else is revealed about his character even as Marcus appears to be quite pleased to see him. Tai joins Dom and Marcus in helping to clear the Hospital of the Locust raiders. He also serves as the NPC intermediary through which some of the narrative is passed during this early stage, such as his description of Rustlung which has afflicted various soldiers since the Lightmass Bomb was deployed by Marcus and Dom in Gears of War 1, and who were being treated at the hospital.

Not much is known about Tai Kaliso's background, though Marcus Fenix expresses his respect for Tai and remarks that he can "survive anything" As Fenix and Dom are sent underground, they observe Tai leap out of his capsule to help Dizzy hold off a Locust assault.

'**Warning! Spoilers Follow**'

After the entire Delta Squad is reunited, they find Tai on board a Locust barge for transporting human captives. He has clearly been tortured, with large cuts in his back that have not been medically treated, and small rings holding the slashes together. Unfortunately, Fenix unwittingly hands him a weapon without realizing how broken he is. Tai promptly shoots himself in front of his comrades, at which point Carmine panics and comments, "I can't believe they did that to Tai. I mean, he survives everything... doesn't he?"

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